Morocco's Taco's Menu

With this diverse and flavorful menu, Morocco’s taco’s offers a delightful fusion of traditional Moroccan cuisine and the beloved taco’s format, providing a memorable dining experience for all who visit. Enjoy your meal!


Authentic Moroccan-style taco’s filled with tender, seasoned beef, seasond french fries,topped with a delightful Hrissa and cheese, and drizzled with a savory Moroccan sauce for a burst of flavors

THE MARAKECH Chicken taco

Succulent chicken marinated in a fragrant Moroccan spice mix, served in soft taco’s shells. With french fries,hrissa and cheese. Delivering a taste of Morocco with every bite


Irresistible chicken wings seasoned with a special Moroccan spice blend, offering a balance of heat and exquisite flavors that will surely satisfy any wing enthusiast.


A unique hot or cold dish with lubia, a traditional Moroccan WHITE BEANS tomato stew, creating a savory and hearty choice for those seeking a wholesome, plant-based option VEGAN .VEGETARIAN 

Orange Slices with Cinnamon

A refreshing and palate-cleansing dessert featuring sweet and juicy orange slices sprinkled with a touch of aromatic cinnamon, perfectly rounding off your Moroccan taco’s feast.


A fusion delight combining the rich flavors of Moroccan bastilla with the convenience of tacos, offering a tantalizing cross-cultural culinary experience.